Osteoarthritis of the knee, the causes, symptoms and treatments

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint (gonarthrosis) is a loss of the knee-joint, by and large, is not inflammatory in nature, which leads to the wear and tear of the cartilage layer of the knee joint, and, over time, to the destruction of the cartilage, the deformation of the knee joint and the restriction of mobility. For this reason, it is important to be able to recognize the disease and know how, and it can be dealt with.

osteoarthritis of the knee

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint (called also gonarthrosisom – from the ancient Greek "persecution" – the knee is a progressive degenerative degenerative defeats the cartilages covering the articular surface, which leads to the impairment of its operation, and the armbar is feeling.

The cause of osteoarthritis of the knee

Gonarthrosis is divided into primary (originating in myself and in the secondary, which is due to any other disease of the knee-joint.

The primary

The primary osteoarthritis (genuinny is osteoarthritis, which starts without any discernible causes, and remaining unchanged in the cartilage of the joints in many joints at the same time. It occurs most often in people over the age of 40. It has also been proved that women tend to be more men are suffering from the osteoarthritis of knee joints, and the joints of the brush.

That happens to win the primary, until the end of the unknown, but it is more likely that it leads to metabolic disorders. This causes changes to the biochemical reactions that occur in the tissue of the articular cartilage. Over time, it is destroyed, it breaks down and builds up in the salt. The surface of the knee joint that is changing the structure of the articular cartilage, resulting in knee, and the liquid oxygen that it builds up and you get a cyst Becker.

The secondary

It is the result of an illness or injury in the joints, and in its clinical manifestations, it is not different from that at the primary level. It is developed in almost all the joints.

Secondary osteoarthritis-it occurs due to the following reasons:

  • the process is an inflammatory, immune or origin of the infectious;
  • a dysplasia, or a traumatic injury to the meniscus or the knee (miniscope);
  • fractures with intra-articular bones which form the joint of the knee;
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • tumors of the bones;
  • ankylose spondylitis;
  • arthritis, which occur in Paget's disease.

The symptoms of

the symptoms of osteoarthritis

The symptoms of osteoarthritis can be attributed to the following:

  • the pain in my feet, knees, hip joints, lower back;
  • stiffness, rigidity, and tightening in the joints;
  • the pain after a good night's sleep or a long stay in the same position;
  • the swelling of the joints;
  • the pain of the change of the weather;
  • the pain in the joints after the charge;
  • injuries – fractures, dislocations, as well as damage to the meniscus;
  • the high;
  • excess weight and obesity.
  • a weak ligament unit, exercise the joints;
  • in violation of metabolic processes in the body.
  • the experience overall.

The deformation of the joint

The deformation of the hinge is the change in the joint that is caused by the displacement of all of the mating bones, dislocation development, on the articulation of a pathological tissue growth. More often than not, the deformation in the exposed joints of a brush, a stop for the legs.

The deformation of the joint, it is usually the result of a complex exchange problems in periarticular, bone, or cartilage tissue, they have the property that if you earn a chance at this location, and the concentration of the test substance.

As a consequence of the deformation of the joint, it often becomes a fusion, the joints, the bones expand, subluxations and joint damage, injuries, muscular-ligamentous apparatus.

In relation to this, concomitant reason for gonarthrosise applicable to the treatment of symptomatic, however, it is a holistic approach that aims at the resolution of the disease, in general, shows the greatest efficiency, and tells you the same thing again.

The diagnosis of deformity of the joints occurs, regardless of the performance of the general diagnosis. It is the basis of most tests and share the results. In a study, the goal of the joints, helps to determine the setting, swelling, and pain at the feeling, the movements, the amount of assets and liabilities and the movements in the joints, changes in skin and subcutaneous tissue in the area of the joint.

The limitation of the mobility of the joint

We highlight the different degree of limitation of mobility: it's lightweight, barely noticeable in violation of family with the amount of movement, up to complete loss of mobility.

Based on the degree of limiting the mobility of the joint are distinguished:

  1. Ankylosis – the complete immobility, the patient's articulation.
  2. Stiffness-to – save-only the slightest amount of movement. For example, a small rocking motion. During the test, the stiffness, you must differentiate it from ankylosis.
  3. Contracture – a limitation of the mobility is long-lasting and significant, but, nevertheless, there remains some range of motion in the joint. To diagnose, the amount of movement is possible by means of a simple protractor.
the extent of the arthritis

The degree of osteoarthritis of the knee

For the first time. In this case, the condition is characterized by pain when you carry out the movements of assets. Can build up the synovial liquid oxygen into the joint cavity, which leads to the formation of a cyst a Baker. The pain occurring during movement, but will go directly into the resting state. The cartilage of the screen is damaged, but it seems that the deformation of the joint is invisible.

In the second one. Occurs a narrowing of the joint gap, the articular cartilage is the tissue that is damaged to a great extent. In the photo, which has been received during an x-ray image can be seen in the growth of bones. The acute pain of the head, accompanied by any movement, to which it contributes to the articulation of the knee joint. In a state of rest, the discomfort to pass, but then they appear again and again. The pain in the head, it added a little crunch to back extension movement.

For the third time. The locations of the cartilage tissue becomes thin, formed of the exposed parts of the bones. The x-ray is quite noticeable is the large number of bone spurs – deposits of salt in the cavity of the joint. In addition to this, there can be found free in the body.

The potential complications, and consequences of osteoarthritis of the knee

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a degenerative disease which over time will progress. Joint pain and stiffness have become so severe that the patient is not able to cope with everyday life. Some people lose the ability to do work, when the arthritis is in a specific stage of the medical doctor it is recommended that only a simple operation to replace the joint.

If you ignore the symptoms of the disease, and does not carry out the right treatment, the chance of complications is fairly high.

The possible consequences of the execution of osteoarthritis are related to:

  • the critical deformation of the joint, to their utter destruction;
  • the overall limitations in fine motor skills;
  • the appearance of intervertebral hernia;
  • a reduction in the quality of life, and the loss of the integrity of the piece.

To which the doctor deals with treatment.

This can be the police of the district, a therapist, an orthopedic surgeon. To the extent that the requirement to give the medical board a rheumatologist. The doctor-a rheumatologist looks at It, install a precise diagnosis to determine which of the joints to be surprised. Assign to the laboratory, and instrumental diagnostic methods.

Only with a thorough examination of an expert that is able to respond to the question: what is the status of gonarthrosise of the patient, and the treatment that they need.

If you have put up with an employee of the disorders in the spinal position requires the consultation of a neurologist and vertebrologist. These people attribute the restorative treatment, during which you can eliminate the pain is caused on account of the infringement of the nerve fiber within the intervertebral discs.

the diagnosis of osteoarthritis

The diagnosis

Injuries to the knee, and is similar to the arthritic can occur when a lot of other diseases, as well as ignorant people often make errors in the determination of the disease. So, in any case, do not try to establish the diagnosis by itself.


An X-ray diagnostic is the most popular and important method because of its simplicity, affordability, and of high importance. The images are usually performed in two projections, lateral and right, but when you need to, you can use and many specific to the stack.

An ultrasound scan is considered to be very promising in that direction, which allows the detection of oxygen in the liquid, to assess the pathologies of the soft tissues, as well as to view the cartilage and surfaces of the joints. The advantage of this method is before the x is applied, the possibility of changing the position of the sensor, as well as the lack of a need for a precise positioning of the patient in order to obtain a standard forward-looking statements.

Magnetic resonance imaging and ct scan provide a wealth of information, as well as the possibility of obtaining a three-dimensional image of the area scanned.

In the laboratory

When gonarthrosis of the pathological changes mainly occur in the articular cartilage as well as subchondral bone, sheath, joint fluid, other tissues of the joint. As to the possibility of exploiting these structures is limited, and the most important sources for the collection of biological markers that are in the blood, urine, and oxygen from the synovial fluid.

In the majority of cases, the patients with the osteoarthritis of the knee joint there are changes in the blood and urine samples, except for synovitis, with a significant spill, when it comes to the increase of the ESR, hypergammaglobulinemia, increase of the level of the indicators of the acute-phase – CRP, fibrinogen, and Dr. The study of the oxygen from the synovial fluid is not a significant difference from that of the usual indicators do not show up.

In the last few years, is still an intensive search for possible biological markers (BM) degradation and repair of the tissues of the joint (especially the cartilage, and bone). BM can reflect the dynamic changes serve as predictors of the prognosis of gonarthrosis and a marker of the efficiency of pathogenetic therapy. The discovery of a new and more in-depth study well-known that BM will allow you to better understand the mechanisms of the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis.

However, the main task of the use of biological markers of cartilagemnovo metabolic assessment honDrproteger and transport properties of the drug, and follow-up treatment with a drug belonging to the group can modify the disease."

For the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

For the treatment of osteoarthritis, at the very least, it is not the task much easier. So before You start its hard to fight with the disease, necessarily, in the search for a good doctor to be surveyed it, and along with it, to make a treatment plan.

for the treatment of osteoarthritis


The most frequently given drugs for the alleviation of inflammation and pain, while osteoarthritis of the knee-joint it is anti-inflammatory agents, non-steroids for nature. The medications are effective on inflammation, including synovitis. In addition, the above-mentioned drugs relieve the pain. However, they do not cure the disease.

When the intake of anti-inflammatory agents, non-steroids, the drugs of the penalty to comply with all of the recommendations from your medical doctor, as well as the drug, there are an amazing number of side effects, especially in the course of its implementation.

HonDrprotectory is in a class of drugs that can restore the bone or cartilagemalvo the fabric. When you get honDroprotection it is also worth considering that these agents effectively when it is integrated with the treatment of the disease.

Vasodilators-drugs that are also assigned to an integrated system for the treatment of osteoarthritis. With them, it is possible to recover the circulation of blood in the joint, and to relieve spasm of the small blood vessels.

As an analgesic, the most commonly used topical ointments, or pads can have the effect of heating. When you need quick relief, it can be shown that intra-articular injection of corticosteroid hormones.


Processing (minimally invasive intervention). This method is used for the diagnosis of the disease. The joint capsule and then introduce the needle, removing the portion of the liquid oxygen. This will allow you to get the material for the analysis, to reduce the load on the capsule, and, if necessary, to introduce cortisone directly into the site of inflammation.

At arthroscopy. This is the introduction of a special provision of the arthroscope through the incision in the skin. The method allows us to look carefully at the joint, but also to eliminate if they had been separated fragments of cartilage by eliminating the root cause of the inflammation and the pain.

Periarticular osteotomy. The essence of the method is the introduction of bones, which results in the realization of the them from a different angle. The operation can reduce the load on the joint and eliminate the pain for a long period of time. In spite of its efficiency, this type of surgery is that it is applied with a frequency that is too big a burden on the body of the patient, and a long-lasting period of rehabilitation.

There. In the case of other types of treatment, it did not help at all, but a disease that completely, or almost completely destroyed the joint, they are replaced with a prosthesis made of plastic, metal, or ceramic.

There heavy and expensive operation, requiring a long rehabilitation. Many of the patients over the course of several months after the surgery, it is plagued by aches and pains. However, in this method, it is often the only alternative to the risks of the patient. The lifespan of modern implants and arrives at twenty years old, and over the years, and the patients can live a full life.

with the diet, when ALROSA

The recommended diet

The diet is necessary, first of all, in order to control their weight. It has been proven that arthritis is also more likely to develop, and more difficult to transport in just people with too much weight, as follows:

  • limit your consumption of alcohol, fatty foods, semi-finished products;
  • the control mode of the power supply;
  • to reduce the amount of salt intake;
  • reduce the amount of sweets,
  • eat more fruits and vegetables (preferably seasonal).

The measures for the prevention of osteoarthritis

The main measures to avoid the development of gonarthrosis are:

  • the reduction of excess body weight;
  • an increase in the activity of the motor;
  • with the proper nutrition;
  • the observance of the principles of HLS.

The healthy way of life, and strengthen Your body, you are going to improve the state of cartilage, joints, and bones. The need to quit the alcohol and smoking. A lot of time to do outdoor activities, feel less stress, and experience more of the good humor and positivity.

Osteoarthritis is a condition that does not recover fully, however, the growth may stop, and if the time to pay attention to your state of health and begin the treatment. The therapy can reduce or even completely remove your symptoms, which makes it easier for a person to be sick.