Osteoarthritis of the knee, or gonarthrosis: causes, symptoms and treatment at home

Diseases of the joints in the human body, and they occur in the context of degenerative changes, which lead to a generic name – arthritis. They may be from different backgrounds, but they all have similar mechanisms of development. However, depending on which part of the musculoskeletal system is involved in the pathological process in this disease has its own name. If the disease develops in the knee joint, it is called gonarthrosis, ie, osteoarthritis of the knee-joint. To maintain the function of the knee joint and prevent disability, in the form of disease is a necessary to the hospital, and the treatment. And in the debut of the disease, when the symptoms early in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee with the help of medication, massage, and other techniques that can be successful at and at home.

Osteoarthritis of the knee

What is osteoarthritis of the knee, the mechanism of the development of

Gonarthrosis is osteoarthritis (arthritis) or joints in the knee, a fairly common clinical practice for the disease, especially in patients over the age of 40.

The anatomical construction of the knee joint is a little more complicated than that, and the rest of the joints. It's not covered with muscles, and it makes the movement in the background, and healthy, creating a great deal depends on the functional status of the hip joint and the ankle.

When the knee is osteoarthritis that occurs in the piecemeal destruction of the fabric of the articular cartilage that covers the surface of sustainableuse of bones in the knee.

The hinge twisted, broken way. The patient feels pain in the knees, it will be difficult to walk in.

According to statistics, women suffer from the disease more often than men. And, especially, to be attentive to the emphasis on the development of the disease, it must be a women with excess weight, and a tendency to varicose expansion of veins.

The causes of the pathology.

They distinguish two forms of osteoarthritis of the knee: primary and secondary.

The primary begins its development very early in infancy, or early adulthood.

The cause of this disease serves as to the wrong of the formation of the ligamentous apparatus, or of the very surface of the joints. Thus, because the biomechanics of the body, and during the trip, it is subjected to the out of all proportion to its load-bearing capacity. This leads to degenerative changes in the knees of both legs.

In the secondary school. This form of arthritis, is a consequence of other diseases or injuries of the knee joint. Degenerative processes can affect both knees or just one of them.

The main reason for the occurrence of reports of secondary osteoarthritis of the knee joint are related to:

  • fractures of the lower extremities, contusions and dislocations of the knees, which are accompanied by lesions of the tissues of the articular cartilage of the joint, or the ligaments;
  • flat feet, causing the displacement of the center of gravity of the body, and increase the burden on the feet.
  • the immediate removal of the meniscus, leading to a faster wear and tear of all the structures of the knee joint;
  • a disease of the blood vessels of the lower limbs, affecting the nutrition of the cartilage tissue;
  • The articular cartilage of the knee
  • it will be high stress as the physical, which is characteristic of the athlete;
  • in violation of metabolic processes in the body, and lose weight;
  • the arthritis, especially if the illness is accompanied by extensive formation of liquid oxygen in the joint of the;
  • of the genetic factors.

The degree and symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee

All of the tricks gonarthrosise is that this disease develops slowly increased and, as a result, in the first phase, practically without symptoms. In the next few months, or even years, the patient may not suspect the disease, and only occasionally with a complaint of discomfort in the knee.

In the early stage of osteoarthritis of the knee do you feel a slight pain or ache in the morning from the steps above, when the movement of the stairs, to the practice of physical exercise. No external changes to the configuration of the knee-it is not that you go going on there.

In the event of the reports of the second phase of the development of the disease, the pain will become more severe and occur when you of any movement and with a light crunch. In the hollow of the knee-joint inflammation, it is formed of oxygen in the liquid. When inspection and sampling is perceived it begins with the deformation of the body. The amount of movement is reduced.

For the third phase of the gonarthrosise, which is characterized by pain that is caused, it does not go away, even when there is no movement. Many patients complain also of the gain, the aches and pains of the head, prior to the time of the change. The joints of the knee, in patients who are at this stage of the development of the disease, and almost lose their function or physical.

The deformation of the knees, it makes it express, how to get rid of the patient to take Over-as-the-X-pro-forma. Changing to a different gear.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee joint, which develops in the midst of an injury, they will appear more quickly. The knee swells up, it appears to the permanent of a painful sensation, which is enhanced after a workout. Later on, there is a feeling of stiffness in the joint. When the post-traumatic form of the disease, the first signs of serious changes, it may be only a few months ago.

Diagnostic tests

The diagnosis of the disease can be built on an analysis of the complaints of the patient, their risk factors at the individual, clinical signs, and results of search engines.

The simplest, and where the method of obtaining accurate information on the state of the joint is the x-ray diagnosis. It is carried out by at least two-fold, both the front and the side. The photographs allow us to identify the extent of the damage to the cartilage and bone surfaces of the joint.

Ultrasound of the knee-joint gives you the ability to analyze both the quantity and the state of the oxygen from the liquid into the joint cavity to assess the condition of the soft tissues – blood vessels, ligaments and muscles.

At resonance, the computed tomography gives the most amount of information. They allow you to create a detailed view of a three-dimensional model for the investigation of the body.

The pain in my knee

The conservative treatment of osteoarthritis in the home

Depending on the stage of the disease, and the severity of the injury to the body, a doctor is an individual treatment plan for each patient. With the win, it does require a systematic approach to the treatment!

In the second, and the third phase in the development of the disease to the healing of osteoarthritis, it is all but impossible, but as soon as the good results of the treatment can achieve a long remission, when the symptoms of the pathology is completely absent or minimal.

In the initial phase, perhaps it is almost for a full recovery, and if properly diagnosed for the cause of the arthritis, and to have the opportunity to fix it (the release of a patient is overweight, for example).

For the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee, it has the following objectives:

  • a solution of the starting point of the pain syndrome;
  • the maximum recovery of the victim's cartilage, and the ligament to the device;
  • to increase the range of motion in the knee joint.

And to catch up with them, it should be applied to a range of treatments are available for the event.

The pharmacological treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

In the beginning, you have to alleviate the condition of the patient, thereby reducing pain and inflammation. This task is well-nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as tools of last generation. These drugs have an important advantage in comparison with those of its predecessors, it is a by-product of the action, which has been the dehydration of the tissue, of cartilage, leading to its destruction. Effectively reducing the inflammation and pain, NSAIDS a new generation does not have a harmful effect on the cartilage of the joint surface. But all at the same time, their need to be taken with caution, and only for the purpose of the termination of the doctor.

At home quickly to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and help to pad drilling, Dimexidum with novocaine and hydrocortisone.

It is often enough when it gonarthrosis, to help to relieve pain and inflammation in the joint cavity is introduced, the drugs to appear. They are also assigned to the tool, to relax the muscles, and the removal of other vascular disorders muscle spasms, enhance the circulation of blood.

After the day of his retirement from the acute inflammatory process in the period of remission, it is well established that intra-articular injections of hyaluronic acid, which acts as a real joint with liquid oxygen. Engaging in the deformation of the surface, and all the while, and penetrate the inside of the articular cartilage, increases its firmness and elasticity.

In an integrated system of drug treatment, when the osteoarthritis of the knee joint the patient, not necessarily, they are written to chondroprotectors for the recovery of the tissue from the articular cartilage in the form of creams, pills, or injections.

Its main ingredients – glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate – want-of-a-body is the stimulation of the synthesis of joint fluid, improve the lubrication of the transport properties and the recovery of the cartilage.

The injection also

Therapeutic exercise and massage sessions

Massage, impact, and therapeutic gymnastics are designed to reduce pain, relax cramps and muscle spasms around the affected knee, improving blood flow and nutrition to the tissues of the joints, to adjust the position of the bones, and to increase the number of entries.

The power supply when the knee is osteoarthritis

The one sv is also important in the treatment of arthritis, is the diet.

In patients with excess weight, you necessarily need to get rid of the extra pounds.

The scientists believe that the only way to reduce the intensity of pain and significantly improve mobility in the joints of the knee when the osteoarthritis, it can be reset for only 10% of the excess weight. Man, you need to review your diet and give up on some of the products, especially the razor-sharp, smoked, and fresh fruit, in preserves, and products, and fatty varieties of meat, and alcohol.

For the most part, the menu should be fresh vegetables, or steaming plates of them. The meat will be worth more in the jam-cooking, because this is a dish that contains both collagen and elastin in the tissue cells of the cartilage to recover to its normal structure. The need to increase the intake of product with a content of calcium. For information on calcium in large amounts, it is present in a large number of cottage cheese, fermented products, solids, cheese, milk and the sesame seeds. Very useful, especially for the meal containing gelatin: rinse the fish, puddings, and jam. On gelatin very chondroprotectors are needed to strengthen the cartilage and prevent the trauma, and gas.

The use of a doctor on the pillow for the knee when the osteoarthritis of the knee, it helps to stop the pain that is caused in the sharp period, and to restore the mobility of the joint. The effect is achieved by the reduction in the line loading on the affected joint. A bandage and promotes the recovery of the circulation of the blood in the tissues, and the nutrition of the articular cartilage.

Popular forms of treatment

The use of the methods of traditional medicine, it is only available as a therapy to help at all. Animals with a doctor's permission, and it can take a certain effect when, and only when, the osteoarthritis of 1 degree, and in the early stages of arthritis, the 2-level.

Macerated nettle, garlic, and lemon juice. To make this drink, you need to:

  • the mix with 100 g nettle leaves, with three of the purified head of garlic;
  • lose the the the mixture through a meat grinder;
  • add 4 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice;
  • in the mix all the ingredients together, then add 250 ml of boiling water, and cover with the lid;
  • to insist on the time limits of 4 hours.

Ready to drink, eaten in the amount of 50 ml. per 20 to 30 minutes before a meal. In the first week of the infusion and need to make 1 once-a-day in any of the following 8-14 days, 2 times a day. Beginning on the fifteenth day, the number of deliveries, you will need to increase to 3 times a day. The treatment is of long duration, not less than 2 months old.

The dye from the roots of Potentilla and cinquefoil. The mixture of the crushed roots need to pour vodka in a ratio of 2-to-1. To insist on a tool that has to be within the time-limits for 3 weeks in a dark place. The ready-to-dye-it is supported by 1 table spoon before each meal.

Drink an infusion of the golden leviathan. For the preparation of infusions of 15 and kolentsi of gold, the leviathan-full of 0.5 liters of vodka and infused into it during the waxing moon. The ready-to-dye-it is accepted also 1 table spoon before meal, 3 to 4 times a day.

A bathtub with a dent-de-lion. To prepare the bath, use a tincture of the root of the dandelion. To prepare it, you will need 120 g of shredded root of the dandelion mixed with 150 ml of vodka and insist in a dark place during the day. The ready-infusion and pour it into a container of warm water, stir well, doing it on your knees.

Taking a bath is recommended 1 to 2 times per week. You can use this solution to swab. After the procedure, the pain in the knee becomes smaller, and the joint mobility is improved. The effectiveness of the treatment will be longer if you add water, 150 g. salt, fortified with iodine, and bromine.

The surgical treatment of arthrosis of the joints of the knee

It shows an irreversible injury to the joint, and implies that the prosthesis implantation the metal of the prosthesis in turn destroyed by the body.