The neck osteocondrose, symptoms, and prevention

Cervical osteochondrosis-exposed persons, that are in the same position. This is white-collar workers, doctors, architects, engineers, designers, and t. d. the presence of the disease can contribute to injuries, wounds, over-voltage to the column of the spine.

The neck osteocondrose symptoms

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  • the pain of the head;
  • disorders of the eye;
  • the issues of the heart;
  • the peak pressure;
  • learning of the breach;
  • a strong fatigue;
  • the pain in the arms and hands;
  • the reduced mobility of the neck.

The pain in his head, one of the frequent the signs of degenerative cervical disc disease. When the deterioration of the disease, the pain can be so severe that it makes it difficult to tilt or turn the head. When withdallivane anterior spinal artery gives pain in the shoulders and upper arms, you look silly in front of the eyes of a fly on the front, and if you turn your head, you lose consciousness. If the vertebrae, a cervical pinched nerve, the pain will be felt in the neck, and hands, and then at the the blades and the fingers. The patient may experience numbness in the fingers, hands, arms, upper arms.

Cervical osteochondrosis affects both people who work in heavy physical labor, and the staff of the office.

The neck osteocondrose to prevent

  • in the long sitting-get up every half hour and move around actively;
  • to train the muscles doing the physical activity;
  • keep track of your food, eating foods that have vitamins, proteins, calcium, magnesium;
  • to maintain the correct posture;
  • do not use gravity feed.

It should be noted that the neckband оwithtEkondrose are now suffering, not only for the older people. Many of the young people up to 30 years can already be seen with this disease. The reason for this HypodINAME, that is, in the age of universal computerization, it has become the bulk of the problem.

The exercises for the neck

According to the statistics, оwithtEkondrose home was about one-half of the people with more than twenty years with the disease, in and of itself does not show. Not come across this type of problem, you need to keep track of the position of the head. It is not supposed to be tilted a long period of time.

To ease the tension and reduce the stress on the vertebrae, you can massage your neck in a circular motion, starting from the bottom and slowly moving up to the top. The other way – gym slot. You need to tilt the head forward, backward, to the right, to the left of it. In a circular motion there is no need to do any more.

To prevent the neck osteocondrose, you need a lot of traffic, and reduce static load. Don't have a lot of time to проwithиживаtü back of the computer, straining your intervertebral discs. Useful for the practice of the sport of swimming, as well as the long muscles of the back.

If you notice the signs of the disease, degenerative disc disease of the cervical disc, talk to your doctor. Even if a cure fails, it can slow down its progression and prevent complications. In the acute exacerbation of the need to comply with the peace. A good effect can be achieved by means of water and mud, massage therapy, physical therapy, wound care, physical exercise, and a t. d.

If you notice signs of illness, consult your doctor, do not attempt to self-medicate. I don't have any way to get rid of the disease, degenerative disc disease of the lumbar disc. For the treatment to have a number of different ways.

Physical therapy to relieve the inflammation, pain, and speed up the recovery. It gives a gorgeous effect with the medical facility, which minimizes the load on the spine, improves your circulation, and t. d. Massage of the affected segment and relieve tension and pain, improve blood flow and circulation.