The causes, symptoms and treatment of arthritis

Osteoarthritis — the disease, the symptoms of which we should all know about. This is a serious and very common disease at an early stage, it may be barely noticeable, however, is making progress, he is able to cause unbearable pain, and even lead to a failure. How you can avoid it, talk about it in our article.

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That happens to win, and when should I begin treatment

The pain in the joint "clicking" when moving, and reducing the mobility of the members, it is often overlooked that the majority of people does not amount to the same as the signs of the body. However, the following symptoms may indicate a serious disease — osteoarthritis.

Deforming arthritis is a disease that involves the destruction and thinning of the tissue of the articular cartilage. With this backdrop the joint becomes more and more brittle and expands and grows, leading eventually to the appearance of the skeleton process, and the inflammation within the joint.

In the initial stages, the patient feels a slight discomfort when it moves, you can't pay attention to it. In the second stage of the disease, you experience severe pain, can lead to a limitation in the mobility of the joint. In the third phase, in addition to the aches and pains of the head, which is accompanied by a complete, or nearly complete, destruction of the tissue of the articular cartilage.

Significantly slow down the development of osteoarthritis, and help to maintain mobility of limbs and to avoid the severe surgical intervention may be timely to therapy — and that is why it is so important, when there appeared the first signs of contact with a rheumatologist.

For the treatment of osteoarthritis

From the point of view of western medicine, the treatment of this serious disease, such as osteoarthritis, it requires an integrated approach, taking into account the different stages of the disease. In the complex of the treatment measures that, in addition to the drugs, which include weight reduction, a therapeutic exercise, physical therapy, and, if needed, prescribe medications for surgical intervention. The treatment program designed by a medical doctor, a rheumatologist, taking into account the location of the disease, the characteristics of the patient's body, but not necessarily, includes a variety of activities designed to tackle the symptoms of the disease.

for the treatment of osteoarthritis

Medical treatment

The first task in the treatment of arthritis, it to to remove the pain and inflammation of the joints. To do so, to prescribe an anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs (NSAIDS) such as ibuprofen, ketorolac, piroxicam, diclofenac, and derivatives thereof, in the form of tablets, injections, gels, ointments, or rectal candles. Keep in mind that the application of this group of medications is only meant to relieve the main symptoms of the disease. In addition, the prolonged intake of NSAIDS is able to speed up the process of destruction of the cartilage and, therefore, to apply them it is necessary very cautiously and only by a physician.

The application of the painkiller is another way to relieve the patient's pain. Unlike NSAID pain relievers, and to a lesser extent, to reduce the inflammation, but they are the most effective in combating off the pain. If you experience muscle spasms, prescribe antispasmodics, such as, "Mydocalm". Both of these groups of medications most commonly applied in the form of injection you to relieve the symptoms of arthritis, but to deal with the disease, are not effective.

Chondroprotectors are one of the most important components of the clinical treatment of osteoarthritis: do they feed on tissues of the cartilage of nutrients, stimulating the growth of cells. The group of chondroprotectors, refers to, for example, glucosamine, which is produced in the form of a tablet or capsule form. Don't expect a quick application chondroprotectors such as: improving the state of the cartilage can be understand only after a long and / or drugs. In addition to this, they will not help you if this is the case, and if the disease has reached the third, and most serious, stage.

Vasodilators drugs to improve blood flow, as well as to correct the spasm of the small blood vessels. The reception of these drugs in combination with the protective cartilage and improves on the action in the past: the nutrients reach the cartilage tissue in larger amounts.

Physical therapy

  1. Shock to to participate in the therapy. The application of shock-wave therapy (UHT) when it is to win, we have to solve one of the major causes of the pain, shipoopie, bone-in, they contact — the bone spurs. Under the influence of the ultrasonic sound waves 'peaks' to soften and, over time, to resolve, to improve the efficiency of the circulation of the blood and the body's metabolism. With all the advantages, and the shock-wave therapy is effective only in the early stages of osteoarthritis, and it has a lot of contraindications, so it is assigned to the care of.
  2. Information on electromyostimulation, with the vertical. The use of electrical impulses for the contraction of a muscle that is appropriate, particularly for bedridden patients, as well as the presence of a strong injury, when all of the exercises are contraindicated. Although the electromyostimulation, is not the most common way to give to read, their use contributes to an increase in muscle tone, and improve the circulation of the blood, which has a positive effect on the dynamics of the recovery.
  3. Phonophoresis. This procedure is a combination of two types of the impact of ultrasonic waves and their interactions with drugs. As a result of the implementation of the phonophoresis allows you to, at times, to increase the action of the drug, thanks to the ultra-sound of your substances, they are delivered to the "target" of the battery and the French, those most active.
  4. The ozone therapy. With the introduction of the mixed gas in the joint capsule reduces pain and inflammation, helps to restore the mobility of joints, improves the circulation of the blood. Typically, the ozone therapy is prescribed for the course in a lot of accidents, depending on the severity of the disease.

The methods of traditional chinese medicine

with the win, the chinese medicine

In chinese medicine, the recovery of the health of the joint begins with a diagnosis, during which time it assessed the overall condition of the body, and points to the ultimate cause of the arthritis. Then, the doctor is a programme of impact on the acupuncture points. An integrated treatment of osteoarthritis include the following methods, PLUS:

  • the physical therapy (physical therapy) — best needles in the points for a particular combination;
  • fitocompleks — "residue" of herbal medicines;
  • massage therapy — the heating of the wormwood cigar;
  • the pressure thuine.

With the focus on acupuncture as the most effective method of treatment in traditional chinese medicine. The outcome of the therapy depends very much on the skill of an expert. To be in the hands of a skilled clinician, the patient, and in a short time, you will be able to select a better well-being, followed from the withdraw of the pain, restore the mobility of joints, strengthening of the immune system, normalization of the circulation of the blood, and metabolism [2].

Other non-surgical methods for the treatment of osteoarthritis:

  • Therapeutic exercise. The therapy for a year, when you win, it is considered to be an excellent way to improve the circulation of blood in-the area of the affected joint and also in order to strengthen muscles. Generally, the doctor recommends that you begin with simple exercises, gradually increasing the number of repetitions.
  • Mechanotherapy. The healing of the physical education, you can add the mechanotherapy — special exercises and equipment for fitness. The devices will allow you to increase the work-load for the facility (due to different masses), while some of the damage to the patient's articulation. As for the therapy, exercise, mechanotherapy, promotes the improvement of the circulation of the blood, and increased muscle tone.
  • Draw your joints. The essence of this process is the mechanical extension of the joint in a particular machine, over a period of 15 to 20 minutes. This will help you to reduce the stress on the joint, to slow down the development of osteoarthritis and significantly reduce pain for the patient. The course consists of 10 to 12 sessions, and for the improvement and consolidation of the results go to about once every six months.
  • Lymphatic drainage, and pre-race warm-up and massage. These procedures have contributed to the warming in the sick phase, and to relieve spasm and pain, improve the blood circulation in the joints. Lymphatic drainage, and pre-race warm-up, massage can be applied at a limited mobility of the patient.
  • The allocation of the overall diet. The correction of the weight-it's one of the ways to reduce the stress on the joint and slow the development of osteoarthritis. It is, of course, is the maintenance of diet by itself, it does not contribute to the recovery, however, in conjunction with other procedures, it is able to give the right effect.
  • The correction of way of life. To fight for the win and the patient will have a lot of review of the well-known life-style, and start using it just for the comfort of the shoes, only use a convenient device, for the women, it has yet to give up on high heels. Also, it is desirable to get rid of those bad habits, and eliminate excess physical activity. In some cases, you will benefit from wearing the orthosis, for a regular visit at the end of the pool, and a steam room. For a comprehensive list of recommendations that you can get from your doctor, which will form the basis of the patient's condition.

Surgical treatment

  1. Processing (minimally invasive intervention). It also can be applied to the diagnosis of the disease. The joint capsule and then introduce the needle, removing the portion of the liquid oxygen, in order to obtain material for analysis, and to reduce the load on the capsule, and, if necessary, and also introduce a corticosteroid drug directly into the shed with a flash.
  2. Arthroscopy of the diagnosis. Arthroscopy is the introduction of a special provision of the arthroscope through the incision in the skin. This allows to carefully examine the joint, but also to eliminate if they had been separated fragments of cartilage by eliminating the root cause of the inflammation and the pain.
  3. Osteotomy correcting. The essence of this surgical procedure is to call out the bones of the patient with your back relating to the implementation of a different angle. The operation can reduce the load on the joint and eliminate the pain for a long period of time. It is a radical reversal of the impact is assigned, is rare — it's too big a burden on the patient's body and over a long period of rehabilitation.
  4. There. In the case of other types of treatment, it did not help at all, but a disease that completely, or almost completely destroyed the joint, they are replaced with a prosthesis made of plastic, metal, or ceramic. There heavy and expensive operation, requiring a long rehabilitation. Many of the patients over the course of several months after the surgery, it is plagued by aches and pains. However, it's there for the patient, it is often the only alternative to the prospects for the asset. The lifespan of modern implants and arrives at twenty years old, and over the years, and the patient will be able to live a full life.

The symptoms and features of treatment for arthritis and different types of

the symptoms of osteoarthritis

In spite of the common traits in the symptoms of, osteoarthritis of different joints, its signs and characteristics of the treatment. For example, the use of the ointment when you read the articulation of the hip joint is ineffective because of the muscle and the adipose tissue, which prevents the penetration of the drug into the site of inflammation. But it's the same wing as well showing when it is applied on the knee joint or in the joint. Let's look at what are the characteristic symptoms of osteoarthritis of the joints (ankle, knee, elbow, shoulder, fingers, hand, and hip), and what is the appropriate treatment to each and every one of those cases.

  • The treatment of the arthrosis of the joints of the hand and fingers of the hand). At an early stage of the disease in the form of a small, crunchy, and easy to a pain when the movement of the hands, but if it's not dealt with, it becomes noticeable, visually, to the opposite area of the facet joints occur, the remarkable thickness. The pain intensifies and becomes constant, you will get a burning sensation and it comes out in your fingers. For the relief of pain and inflammation using NSAIDS and corticosteroids to decrease the destruction of cartilage, massage, chondroprotectors, pull your fingers).
  • For the treatment of osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint. Painful spasms of muscles, decreased mobility of the hands, pain in the back," when you got warranty on them, these are the symptoms of the arthrosis of the shoulder joint. Shall be barred after the massage, the healing of the physical education combined with the application of antispasmodics, and the intra-articular injection for pain relief.
  • For the treatment of osteoarthritis of the elbow joint. The symptoms of a disease in the joint of the elbow is to high, knead the dough, during the bending of the hands, elbows, and the movement of the brush, a "shooting" pain, and muscle weakness. The elimination of this type of osteoarthritis to apply the procedures of the physical therapy, compresses and anti-inflammatory drugs are not steroids, in the form of creams.
  • For the treatment of osteoarthritis of the hip. For osteoarthritis TBS of typical "soft" cracking joints, and pain or discomfort in the feel of the lumbar spine during the movement, or severe fatigue. When the treatment is prescribed for pain relief in the form of injection, capsules, or tablets, all with solutions that are anti-inflammatory.
  • For the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. When you gona win, and the patients complain about the crunchy sound, with motion, tenderness in the area of the calf, especially when the load is heavy, the increase of the size of the joint. In the therapy, which include: an impact-a place for therapy, traction, facet joints, therapeutic exercise, the application of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ointments), as well as the use of tampons.
  • For the treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle. A sensation of tingling, reddening, curling, click on the cover to waterproof the feet, rapid fatigue when walking — these are the symptoms that indicate the development of arthrosis of the ankle joint. In the treatment of this disease, effective therapy, massage therapy, and the treatment bath. You also need to reduce the load on the ankle.

To prevent the development of osteoarthritis, especially when there is a predisposition to it, you should follow a few simple rules: wear shoes that are comfortable, maintain physical activity, while respecting to the extent of the load, to prevent injury and exposure. For the prevention of the disease, it is particularly important to maintain a normal body weight, because each pound of the excess of the increase in the load on the joints.